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Performing live on Capital Radio FM

October 30, 2019

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Is the Magic Circle a must when hiring a magician?

September 9, 2019

"oh my gawd, are you really going to talk about this??!"

"But you're in the magic circle, won't you be biased?"


A few things said to me by friends when I said I was going to talk about this.  And to be fair, understandable. Yes I'm in the magic circle and have been for over 10 years, I remember my audition like it was yesterday, I'd travelled by national express from Cardiff to London, getting the early bus and spending all day sight seeing in london before attending the magic circle venue .

I remember being stood outside in an ally and thinking "is this it? Some door down an alley?". Of course once i stepped inside it was the most magical place I've ever seen, a gorgeous venue full of hidden wonders. I performed, and a few weeks later received the call to say I'd passed my audition.


So, when hiring me ..... Does it matter if I'm in the magic circle?



Let's look at it and see where the rabbit hole leads.


Firstly, let me say there are some amazing magicians out there who are not members of the magic circle. To my knowledge Penn and teller are not members. I believe it's something to do with the fact they reveal secrets (a big no no in the magic circle).











Now from research not every member of the magic circle got in by auditioning and performance. Some can do a written exam, some get a name for themselves by TV or other means and get invited in.


Some members have amazing technical ability but may be dull as dishwater. 


For me, I'd you've auditioned, and you've passed it means that your ability to perform magic is very high. They wouldn't let you audition and let you in if you were not at a good technical level of performance.



So, if someone says they are in the magic circle, I think it's important to ask how they became a member. If it was auditioning you should, (hopefully) have peace of mind knowing that they are very good. In terms of personality however, well that's down to each and every individual. 


I know magicians who are members who I find terribly boring to listen too and watch. But I also know magicians who are not members, and whilst very good at performing magic , they are so dull they make me want to scream.


Every event I perform at I can guarantee I get asked if I'm a member of the magic circle, and when I say yes, it's met with oohs and ahhs, as if the magic circle holds a great deal of mystery and respect .  And to be honest I love that, whilst penn and teller may not be members some of the greatest magicians have been, and to be in that company is for me, an honour.


So to answer the question I posed, not doesn't matter , but isn't it nicer to say the magician you've hired is a member of the magic circle rather than just some person you saw on the internet?




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