• Jamie Williams

Performing live on Capital Radio FM

I was very lucky to meet Josh and Kally (hosts of capital radio drive time) at an event earlier this year and we instantly hit it off.

We chatted away and instead of bombarding them with hundreds of tricks I just did a quick one of mind reading effect and we all had a nice time .

They invited me on to their show to perform live and I proceeded to meet the producers and managers etc. Everyone was so friendly and nice I was blown away by them all.

I started with Kally and asked her to just get us all in the mood to just think of a card. Anyone would do but nit to write it down or tell anyone such as Josh , to keep it in her mind.

I took a pad of paper and a pen and wrote down my guess "7 of Spades" and kept it so that the producers behind me could see what I had written but not Kally.

Me: "what card are you thinking of"

Kally: "the seven of spades"

The applause and reaction from everyone was amazing , and the look on Kally and Josh's faces when I turned the pad around to show what I had written was brilliant.

I then offered to take this one step further and invited Kally to take out a book she had and turn to any page. Josh was invited to look at the page and select any word from it and just to think of the word. Kally then closed the book up .

Me: "Kally whilst I'm trying to engage with Josh's thoughts could you just think of a famous person for me?"

Kally: "anyone?"

Me: "yes any well known celebrity will do.

Right Josh you're just thinking of a word, you haven't written it down, you haven't told anyone, it only exists in your mind"

Josh: "yeah absolutely"

I took the pad again, and proceeded to write down a word.

Me: "Josh write down the word on that spare pad in front of you, and on the count of 3 we will turn our pads around at the same time....1....2...3

Both pads were turned and to gasps and reactions both pads said the word...


Me: "Josh grab your phone out of your pocket, go on to my Facebook page and scroll down to the first post you find. Kally your thinking of a famous person, who is it?"

Kally: "you want me to say?"

I answer yes.

Kally:"Tom Cruise"

Me: "Josh what celebrity have I put on my page?"

Josh: "you've put ... Kally will think of and there's a photo of Tom Cruise!!"

It was brilliantly caught on camera by the crew there and the reactions and the feedback I've had since have really knocked me bandy.

I'm so grateful to be friends with Kally and Josh and the team at capital and to have been invited to perform was an honour I'll always remember.

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