• Jamie Williams

Creating magic tricks

There are some amazing magic tricks in the world today, recently I spent some time with a few magicians , just chatting and showing tricks to each other.

I realised that many magicians all perform the same effects, certainly they are all well worked and garner good reactions.

It's no secret that I like to perform my own effects, I've lectured at magic society's and shown and taught my own effects (and received fab comments and feedback), I'm currently working with some of magics biggest names to get certain tricks I've created made and released.

The reason I like performing my own effects is that I can be confident of the audience not having seen the trick before .

As a magician we hear the same things all the time (see my other post about this) and one of those repeated phrases are "I've seen this one".

It's quite funny especially if all we've done is remove a deck of cards from our pocket.

Knowing that this is a trick that I myself have created, structured and routined to perfection is a wonderful moment. The audience won't have seen it before, and when I get the response (see photo) it makes my job all the more worthwhile.

However , how does a magician create a new effect?

I can't answer for everyone obviously, but for me my ideas come to me when I'm not actually thinking of magic. 

I may be sat down watching TV and all of a sudden my brain will just pop an idea in.

I'm also lucky to have friends and magicians I can run things by, the first being "has this already been done".

The was I think is to do it backwards.

So for eg.

What do I want to happen?

How am I going to achieve this?

Then I play around with it till I achieve the goal.

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