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Is it reasonable to expect your magician to see every single person at your wedding?

Hey everyone so for those that don't know I meet up once a fortnight with other magicians who are good friends of mine and other than order unhealthy food we also chat magic and business.

One of the topics this week centered around a bride who was not happy that not every single person at her wedding saw a trick.

Now that's understandable I think, but only to a certain point. For sure if the magician has promised that every single person would see a trick and put it in the contract etc, then yes, I see the bride's point.

However, looking at it in a more reasonable and realistic way, the chances are that not every single person at your wedding or event will see the magic.

So why is this?

Well let me explain, let's say you've hired me to perform for an hour, and there's ten tables to go round with eight people at each table.

After that hour all the guests are being moved into another room for their main meal.

Now I've no problem going around those tables, that isn't the issue. What may be the issue is that whilst I'm at a table only six people may be sat watching. Because the other two have wondered off to the bar, or to have a vape, or go to the toilet etc.

Now yes we can say "well wait for them to come back". But by waiting for them it means the other tables miss out.

For me, if someone says they didn't see me because of (insert reason here) i will happily go back and perform again. A lot of magicians I know will do this.

But it's not always bought to our attention and it's not always possible.

I think there has to be a bit of give and take by both the hirer and the magician, the hirer needs to understand that the inevitable happens and people wonder off, and the magician has to be understanding that if someone says "I missed you come back to my table" they will try too.

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