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Psychological Mischief at Rachel and Craig's wedding, Pencoed House, Cardiff

I'm very lucky to be the recommended magician for some of the biggest event companies in the UK.

Instead of the bride and groom finding me and hiring me, this usually means that the event company are hired to provide "everything" and they in turn then contact and hire yours truly. (As well as providing lots of other things).

So a massive thank you to my good friend Paul Gwilym at Gwil-I-Am events for inviting me to perform at this wonderful wedding.

I've been fortunate to perform at Pencoed House many times before, the manager (also called Jamie) is a charming and professional gentleman, and he and his staff really go the extra mile for their guests.

The venue is a lovely secluded spot, beautifully laid out and the Gwil-I-Am team provided those little extra things that really added to the day.

Once again the drinks prices were quite pricey but this does appear to be the norm at most wedding venues in Cardiff.

On arrival I was met by these fantastic gentleman (above photo). They recognised me from other weddings and called for me to join them with the usual burst I'm met with of "come on then magician wow me".

Challenge accepted!

I removed a small white envelope, and asked the rather dapper gentleman in the tuxedo to hold it.

I then passed a sharpie pen to another gentleman and also handed him a blank Lottery selection slip.

He was asked to mark 6 random numbers as if he was playing the lottery, and then sign the slip so we knew this belonged to him. He ofcourse obliged.

The selections made, the envelope was opened by our tuxedo sporting gentleman to reveal a lottery ticket purchased for that nights draw.

And on it? The matching numbers of the slip being held by the other gentleman.

Thunderous applause , raptures of swear words and requests for selfies flooded in.

The tuxedo wearing gentleman rushed off with both papers in hand to tell everyone and anyone he could find about the magician who had predicted the lottery.

Inside the tented area I was ushered to join these four beautiful young girls on a request to see "something amazing".

I asked one lady to think of any word in the universe but not tell me or anyone else what it was.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet removing from it a business card. I laid this on the table and asked the lady to state the word she was thinking of.

"Gin" she replied , with a giggle.

I gestured for her to turn over the business card on the table and written on this with red felt pen was the word "Gin".

Laughter, applause and screams filled the room and convincing them that I was not a witch followed soon after.

These two lady's accosted me outside staying they wanted to see some of the amazing effects they had heard everyone raving about.

(On a side note how beautiful does the bride look in the background).

A bit of sleight of hand close up magic ensued with left them both enthralled and astonished.

As an added part I performed a lovely personal trick for the bride and her mother. I won't go into details but emotions and tears and a lot of love for each other was clearly on show , it's one of my favourite effects as it really is powerful and personal. I'm glad they both loved it.

Special mention to photographer Adrian Thomas, he was on hand to capture lots of great moments.

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