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Becky and Kris wedding, Llechwen Hall

A short drive from where I live is the venue Llechwen Hall, it's quite an old building but round the back they have put of a new marquee and it's quite nice.

The prices are standard Cardiff prices, even though its a good 45 mins from Cardiff. A bottle of J20 will set you back the best part of £3.00 and a two pints of lager wont leave you much change from £10.00.

About 2 years ago I did a wedding fayre there and I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful couple , Becky and Kristian.

They watched me perform magic, had a chat with me and were eager to hire me for their big day but couldn't think of what period to have me for. After having a think they decided to have me for both periods of the day, during the photo period and the evening period.

On the day I arrived just as they were having their vows taken, when they came out as husband and wife I mingled with their guests performing what is known as "psychological mischief". The reactions were fab and people were having an amazing time.

The bride looked amazing, like a Disney princess, and everyone scrubbed up well, it was a very smart wedding, even saw one gentleman in a kilt.

After the meal I returned and performed close up magic and illusions , I was supposed to stay for 2 hours till approx. 8.30pm and everyone was having such a good time I didn't leave till gone 10.00pm.

The bride and groom were good enough to stop me on my way out and thank me, stating everyone had been raving about me all day and night.

That's what the job is about, happy days!

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