• Jamie Williams

The Magic Circle and me

I love being in the Magic Circle, for me personally it's a feeling of "I'm part of the elite". I know some magicians will say negative things about the society but in my experience these magicians have either been kicked out (and were full of praise for it before being so) or just lack the ability to pass the exams. I look at the history of magicians who have been or still are members , Paul Daniels, Dynamo to name but two. And to know that I'm sitting proudly alongside in the same society is a very heart warming feeling. I can also honestly say that whenever I do a wedding or corporate event I always get asked if I'm in the Magic Circle. I'm glad to see that in many people's eyes the society is still seen as the pinnacle of magic and magicians. There are a lot of wonderful magicians who are not in the magic circle , I must stress this, this could be for any reason including but not limited to "can't be bothered , don't see the point". That's fair enough and everyone has their own option to audition if they wish, for me however, if I want to try to succeed in magic, being a member of arguably the most prestigious magical society in the world can't hurt. One magician outthere (you all know this pathetic cretin so I won't name names) was stating I was being investigated by the magic circle , thankfully everyone knows this is not true, this magician has now been served with legal papers, and I'd also like to state that I refer to him as a magician out of lack of other names that would be legal to say in written form. Every month I get sent a magazine from The Magic Circle and I really enjoy reading it, there are some brilliant articles included and also interviews with other magicians that give a good insight into the world of a magician.

One draw back to membership is that I live so far away from the London based HQ. They have some amazing shows and meetings there and some of the worlds finest magicians attend, if I lived closer I think I'd never leave!! Anyway I'm proud to be a member , have a look at my video page to see me performing and the type of sleight of hand and misdirection it takes to be a member

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