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Gabrielle and Michael, Penycoedcae wedding.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Michael and Gabrieles wedding in Pennycoedcae tonight. They had a lovely big marquee in a field and although I was worried about finding it, they had signposted it so well, I had no trouble at all.

There were 25 children at this wedding and I was asked if I could do something for them. So on arrival I made myself known to the bride and groom and then placed myself on a hale bail at the side of the tent and proceeded to make balloon animals. Well suffice to say I became the most popular person there, the little ones flocked over and allowed the parents a brief respite too. Every little one had a balloon of their choice be it doggys, swords or flowers.

Michael is in the armed forces, The Military Police to be precise, and as I share a very similar service to him it really was an honour to perform for him, his wife and their friends and family. There were a lot of armed forces personnel who were having a great time and I was loving being a part of the day.

One of the wonderful bridesmaids asked if I could do a mind reading effect. I took out a blank piece of paper and a pair of scissors. I asked her to think of any famous person in the world. I looked in to her eyes and proceeded to snip at the paper, folding, snipping away.

Finally I placed the folded and snipped piece of paper in her hand and asked her to name who she was thinking of.

"Emma Watson" she replied.

I then asked her to unfold the piece of paper she was holding....

A cut out of Beauty and the Beast, was her keepsake, and as you can see from the photo she was absolutely blown away.

All in all it was a wonderful night and I was so pleased to be a part of it.

The boring bit:

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