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A weekend full of magic, 3 weddings and a funnel cake

This weekend has been a very busy one, I had a wedding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The Manor Thornhill Cardiff was tonights venue, unfortunately there were two weddings on tonight and none of the staff seemed to know who's wedding was who's.

Luckily I already knew but still. If I didn't it could have been difficult. One of the tricks I performed was card to wedding card. It went really well and the following morning I had a lovely telephone call from the bride thanking me.

The trick is similar to this:


Caerphilly Castle wedding

An hour in the evening was spent entertaining the guests at this wonderful medieval venue.

One of the effects I performed was signed card to party popper, it went down so well that the manager of the venue has asked me to come back for a corporate event and perform it.


A wedding at Caerphilly golf club today, another local one so that's always nice. I was asked;

to do a quick 45 mins during the photo period. I performed mostly mentalism tricks including this beauty:

Love performing magic and have had a fab weekend

The boring bit:

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