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When 97 yr old Betty stole my heart at The Celtic Manor

An all day wedding at the Celtic Manor today and thankfully the sun showed his face for us.

The wedding was originally planned for January but was pushed back to April. The thing with the Celtic Manor is that it is such a big venue with so many different places to have weddings it can be a pain trying to find the right wedding.

Thankfully I had god directions and managed to arrive nice and early and enjoy the scenery before the day began.

I performed during the photo period and today decided to concentrate on what is known as mentalism. The idea was then later to perform the close up magic.

Moving around over 100 guests during the day (it was a very big wedding) I was able to do some mind reading effects which went down really well. One effect that I performed was to introduce a gift bag and ask the spectator to name any flavour of crisps. (In this case they name "Prawn Cocktail".)

The bag is opened and a bag of crisps are removed, however they are the wrong flavour (Ready salted). The person is then told to open the bag and taste them and low and behold they are flavoured as their chosen flavour "Prawn cocktail".

Although not the video from this wedding here is me performing the same trick at another event.

In the evening I was introduced to Betty. She is the great grandmother of the bride who informed that her father used to perform magic in London and she grew up fascinated with the art. So not to much pressure then.

I sat with her and performed some very very old magic tricks along with one or two newer ones. I was a hit, so much so that Betty declared me as her new boyfriend. We sat, talked and giggled as Betty told me some wonderful stories about her father and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I then worked the crowd (at this point over 150) with close up magic and we all had a fabulous time.

Now I must add due to the large numbers I recommended that another magician should also attend , however the bride and groom stated they had a gambling table and photobooth so just one magician would be enough. sadly the groomsmen hogged the tables and the children used the photobooth as their own playpit. The bride did come up to me and state she wished she had listened. However it didn't matter and a great time was still had by all.

So one massive wedding done, a huge thanks to Rachel and Ashid for letting me be a part of their special day, and for feeding me and looking after me too.

Finally the wedding song they chose to dance too was "Magic Changes" from the film Grease. Never heard it used for a wedding song before but I was humming it all the way home.

What a wonderful day and night.

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