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A five minute trick for a corporate lunch by Cardiff wedding magician ...

I like doing corporate events, I've been lucky enough to perform for some of the biggest companies in the world and their staff and tonight was a special event.

I was asked by Lenovo to attend at St David's Hotel in Cardiff to perform for some clients they were meeting with. The idea was that on arrival I would perform an effect utilising an electrical item that they were there to discuss, and that the effect would be a quick visual trick that would last just a few minutes.

I've had the electric gizmo (a small smart type watch) for a week or so now so have had time to play around with it to see how I could incorporate it in to an effect. On reading the file they provided I noticed that it was designed to withstand very cold temperatures.

On arrival at the venue I was taken to a conference room and met by Tania who informed me that twenty people were in the room next door having their meeting and when called I were to enter, perform, then leave back to this room.

On entering the room there were 20 people sat with big smiles staring right at me. (Bit scary I will admit). They were all sat around a table with empty plates, knifes/forks and napkins etc on the table. At the back of the room was a large ice sculpture of the logo of the company.

Every body had a box with the watch inside it already In front of them so I asked someone at random if I could see the watch, a ribbon was handed to him and he signed his name on it and tied it to the strap of the watch, he then placed it inside a napkin and placed it underneath an ice bucket in the middle of the table. wrap it in the napkin that was also in front of them.

A quick bit of showmanship and the bucket was lifted to show the napkin now empty.

Attention was drawn to the ice sculpture and now placed and clearly visible right inside the solid sculpture was the gentleman's watch along with the ribbon attached to it with his signature on it.

I left to a standing ovation and a lovely tip from Tania on behalf of her boss.

Thank you Lenovo, I HAD A FAB NIGHT.

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