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Cardiff Magician on Radio

Cardiff wedding magician DJ Williams had a great time being a Cardiff magician tonight at Cardiff Radio.

DJ was invited by Cardiff FM legend "Tubbs" to come on the show and perform some magic to the listeners.

DJ performed two effects starting with asking Tubbs and the listeners to take 10 pieces of paper (no bigger than 50p size) and draw an "X" on any of the pieces. Turn them upside down and mix them all up. Without being able to see which one has the "X" on it and no knowing where that one lies, the listeners were then invited to shuffle and throw away one piece they felt represented bad music, and keep repeating this procedure until they were left with just one piece they felt represented good music.

The last remaining piece was turned over to show that it was the piece with the "X" on it.

The show was hit with an extraordinary amount of emails, tweets and calls from listeners all stating they too had just the piece with the "X" on it.

The second effect had DJ perform a newspaper prediction, Tubbs was presented a copy of the Freeads newspaper in a brown envelope. He was asked to name any card and any number between 1 - 120. and finally one last number between 1 - 32.

Tubbs named the 8 hearts, and the numbers 78 and 19.

On opening the envelope and removing the copy of the paper Freeads, Tubbs was instructed to turn to page 78 and read out the 19th entry on that page. it read simply: "Hey Tubbs i knew youd pick this page number and this article, feel free to check out the whole of this paper, it really is the only add in here like this, oh by the way, you chose the 8 hearts".

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