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"What do you do at a wedding then?"

Hello, I have been told by a friend to keep a blog on my site so thought I'd start with the one question I get asked on a daily basis. So many people have no idea what a real table magician or a wedding magician actually does. They have this idea that I am going to saw the bride in half or start making pigeons fly around the church before whisking off my top hat to reveal a little fluffy bunny rabbit.

The truth couldn't be further than the truth. Being a wedding magician should be about entertaining your guests in a personal and close up setting. A real table magician should be someone who is comfortable being the centre of attention and able to be everyone's best friend within the moment of meeting them. Obviously it helps to be very good at magic, the best and easiest way to judge the ability is to check to see if they are in The Magic Circle. Think of it as the only real world class qualification for magicians. Oh and before I forget, I've noticed that some Cardiff wedding magician and Swansea wedding magician are claiming to be in the magic circle through Cardiff or local magic clubs. Please note that there is only one Magic Circle and if there's any doubt contact the magic circle on 0800 681 6096.

Anyway, I've placed a short video below, this is myself performing at a wedding with a trick I created myself. Hope you enjoy watching it.

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