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"A wedding magician should bring the fun to your special day".

I met a lovely bride2B today. She told me: "I loved looking through all the photos on your page as everyone seems to be laughing and having a fantastic time."

Normally I have an answer for everything but I genuinely didn't know what to say. For me being a wedding magician or a table magician should be about entertaining. I've always been told my whole life that I'm a funny and friendly person and I guess that just comes across in my performance. OK it helps to be skilled and good at what I do magic wise, but I've been told about magicians who are wonderfully talented but dull as dishwater. I guess it helps to be a bubby person lol.

If I am asked to be at your wedding that means so much to me, it is a genuine honour to be part of the biggest day of your life, I love being able to make people happy and enjoy laughing and being able to be a part of a wonderful day means so much to me.

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