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Blancos Swansea wedding

Oh no it's raining! I was so worried driving to todays wedding, it's horrible weather. Thankfully by the time I got there the rain had settled a little.

Todays couple, Michael and Sam are really lovely, They've asked me to be at their wedding during the photo period and then again in the evening. Bless them they even arranged for me to have food and drink at the bar whilst they and their guests enjoyed their food and speeches.

During the photo period there were several young children so I went to my car and got the bag of balloons out, 10 minutes later every child had two things. 1) a balloon animal. 2) a very big smile.

Then it was the adults turn. Fire, lollypops, and mind reading made sure that every guest had an amazing time and the ninety minute period went so quick that before they knew it they were being asked to make their way upstairs for food.

I've performed at many venues and sometimes I get asked by the staff to help them, today was no different as the manager asked if I would be the one to get all the guests upstairs for food. I didn't mind and I'm always happy to help.

In the evening it was time for some close up magic, cards, coins and a whole host of other items used to wow the family and friends of the bride and groom. The feedback was wonderful, evening guests were arriving to the sounds of cheers and laughter and a great time was had by all.

A wonderful wedding and I loved being a part of it.

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